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  • CYCLE-TAINER™ solvent & reagent delivery system
    CYCLE-TAINER From laboratory use to production-scale manufacturing consumption, Avantor’s unique CYCLE-TAINER™ solvent and reagent delivery system is the perfect platform to help drive increased productivity in your operations.

    It is a customer-dedicated, 100% reusable, positive-pressure, closed dispensing system for J.T.Baker® high-purity solvents and reagents. Compared with purchasing your solvents in bottles or one-way drums, the CYCLE-TAINER™ system offers an innovative alternative for high-volume users of solvents and reagents. 

    Unique CYCLE-TAINER™ system advantages

    Available in 4, 18, 52, 215 and 1250 liter sizes, the CYCLE-TAINER™ system is engineered to deliver unique advantages:

    • Continuous point-of-use purity protects your solvent and reagent supplies
    • Enhanced safety through stainless steel construction and built-in safety features
    • Reusable packaging provides solid and hazardous waste minimization
    • Reduced storage space requirements
    • Easy scale-up from lab or pilot line to full production
    • Customer-dedicated, traceable container system
    • Increased productivity
    • Reduced waste disposal costs
    • Quick-connect set-up for easy installation

     [CYCLE-TAINER system

    Typical CYCLE-TAINER™ system connection to an HPLC instrument.

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    CYCLE-TAINER™ system container return program (SHaRE)

    To enhance the CYCLE-TAINER™ system’s value to your operations, Avantor’s SHaRE (SHipping and REturning) program makes the process of returning empty CYCLE-TAINER™ system containers easy and more cost effective. Our agreements with freight line carriers, who are familiar with handling CYCLE-TAINER™ containers, maximize reliability and enables Avantor to keep supply chain costs under control.

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