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    NOWPak solvent delivery system 

    NOWPakPreserve the quality and integrity of high-purity Avantor solvents with the easy-to-use NOWPak solvent delivery system. This environmentally friendly alternative to glass bottles and steel drums provides enhanced chemical safety, easier handling and helps maintain solvent purity.

    NOWPak is a rugged, non-pressurized, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or stainless steel outer container with a single-use polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) liner. Selected Avantor high-purity solvents are available in 20 L or 200 L NOWPak containers. NOWPak containers offer you:

    • Sealed container and particle-free, inert liner ensures purity to the point of use
    • Collapsible liner prevents air from entering the system, reducing solvent degradation
    • Enhances safety through elimination of breakage/spills common with glass bottles
    • Improves productivity by eliminating bottle rinsing
    • Translucent HDPE packaging allows for easy monitoring of the solvent level

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    NOWPak system accessories

    We offer multiple dispenser options for NOWPak containers so you can choose the option that best fits your operations.

    • NOWPak Cap Adapter -- for 20 L NOWPak containers, the adapter kit come with pump, diptube, cap adapter, elbow and frit for tubing attachment
    • Bottletop Dispensor and Remote Bottletop Dispenser -- for convenient dispensing of metered volumes from 20 L NOWPak containers
    • Solvent Dispense Module -- includes pressure dispenser connector and mounting assembly; pressurizes NOWPak liner to enable pushbutton solvent dispensing

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