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  • Chemical manufacturing: verifying excellence

    AuditsFor manufacturers and research organizations that utilize significant amounts of Avantor performance chemicals, we support extensive and ongoing chemical manufacturing audits of our processes and information systems.

    We appreciate the crucial necessity of independent verification of our cGMP and Total Quality manufacturing processes, and provide time and resources to assure full compliance with cGMP specifications for laboratory performance, purity and quality.

    Benefits of Avantor cGMP Audits

    • Proof of consistently high quality, full cGMP compliance
    • Risk reduction based on products you can trust
    • Faster speed to market -- reduced quality control, rework and customer audits needs
    • Sets a high standard for our industry in the area of cGMP manufacturing

    Customer Audits

    For many years, Avantor has welcomed audits by pharmaceutical and microelectronics manufacturers who need to document the manufacturing, quality control and packing processes of their chemical suppliers. We collaborate with numerous manufacturers to promote a mutually beneficial relationship of trust that reduces risk and supports innovation.

    Internal Audits

    Avantor conducts our own internal audits at regular intervals to verify compliance with ISO 9001:2008, as well as cGMP requirements. Results are documented and used by internal teams to fine-tune our processes and identify any corrective and preventive actions.