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  • Supplier quality systems: assuring value across the supply chain

    Avantor assures the world-class consistency and purity and reproducibility of our products through comprehensive multi-tiered supplier quality systems.

    Our suppliers are a critical link in the supply chain that ultimately delivers value to your research and manufacturing processes. We carefully select, and then closely collaborate with the world’s top material suppliers to protect the integrity of that supply chain. We strive to share our passion for total customer satisfaction with our suppliers, through processes designed to achieve: 

    • Alignment
    • Approval
    • Measurement
    • Improvement
    • Recognition

    Supplier management quality program

    The Supplier Management Quality Program is fully documented and encompasses the areas of selection of our suppliers, setting performance expectations with them, measuring their performance and providing feedback. We work with them to apply proven and effective total quality, lean and agile manufacturing practices, and assist in developing and implementing statistical tools to drive continuous improvement.

    Suppliers of GMP materials and of critical microelectronic products are physically audited in a three year cycle to maintain their approved status. Avantor has its own qualified external auditors that perform these global audits to assure quality compliance. Supplier selection process and audits are managed electronically and full documentation is also stored in our e-audit module.

    Suppliers are requested to sign a change notification document so Avantor can evaluate and notify our customers following our MOC procedure.

    Within the Supplier Quality Process, suppliers can advance through three levels of recognition and established relationships with Avantor:

    Approved -- suppliers are responsive to informational needs (providing clear and accurate communications), and their products have the following attributes:

    • Manufactured with reliable/stable processes using statistical process control, change control, and package/equipment integrity
    • On-time delivery accompanied by Certificate of Analysis
    • Competitive total delivered cost


    Preferred -- these are Approved suppliers with whom Avantor actively works to accomplish key customer objectives and strategies. They offer:

    • Competitive long-term advantage through proven agility and responsiveness to unique needs, value through volume incentives and systemic use of Total Quality concepts
    • Collaborate with Avantor to implement continuous improvement plans


    Alliance -- are top-tier approved suppliers who continuously work with Avantor to jointly deliver breakthrough solutions for our customers. Their investment in quality delivers:

    • Significant long-term competitive advantage for our customers
    • They employ mature Total Quality manufacturing concepts
    • Proven to be able to execute breakthrough quality improvement plans aligned with Avantor’s strategic customer goals