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  • Global supply chain

    Avantor® has the agility and ingenuity to rapidly develop customer solutions at any scale to meet your business needs, and we have the quality products and reliable global supply chain to deliver consistency from concept to commercialization. 

    For pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide, Avantor supply chain security means:

    • Enhanced regulatory compliance
    • Minimized risk
    • Increased cost-effectiveness
    • Faster time to market
    • More rapid response to market or regulatory changes

    Features of Avantor's secure and reliable global supply chain

    • Supplier Audit Program: Avantor audits cGMP suppliers based on the requirements of IPEC, ICH and USP. Audits are designed to ensure that suppliers are meeting the standards we adhere to in our operations, and to identify quality issues in order to resolve them quickly.
    • Supplier Change Notification
    • Global cGMP Manufacturing Capability  
    • Documentation and Regulatory Support
    • Detailed Certificate of Analysis: Provides documentation of Avantor's quality control testing for each lot supplied to our customers.
    • Management of Change  
    • Tamper-evident Packaging