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Nitric Acid, 69.0-70.0%, BAKER ANALYZED® A.C.S. Reagent

  • Formula: HNO₃
  • Formula Weight: 63.01
Select Size Product NumberUnits per CasePackage SizeContainer TypePrice per UnitCase Price per UnitMin Order in Units Quantity
9601-006*500ML 500ml clear glass bottle pvc coated bot--$58.306
9601-016*500ML Mall 500ml clear glass bottle--$55.356
9601-044*2.5L clear glass bottle--$65.604
9601-0562.5L Bottle,Clear Glass in A Single Shipper$122.10--1
9601-344*2.5L Mall 2.5L clear glass bottle pvc coated--$77.404

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Product Specifications

Meets ACS Reagent Chemical Requirements
For Laboratory,Research,or Manufacturing Use
AppearancePasses Test
Assay (HNO₃)69.0 - 70.0 %
Arsenic (As)<= 0.010 ppm
Color (APHA)<= 10
Residue after Ignition<= 4 ppm
Chloride (Cl)<= 0.1 ppm
Phosphate (PO₄)<= 0.20 ppm
Sulfate (SO₄)<= 0.5 ppm
Trace Impurities - Aluminum (Al)<= 100.0 ppb
Arsenic and Antimony (as As)<= 4.0 ppb
Trace Impurities - Boron (B)<= 50 ppb
Trace Impurities - Cadmium (Cd), For Information Only
Trace Impurities - Calcium (Ca)<= 200.0 ppb
Trace Impurities - Chromium (Cr)<= 100.0 ppb
Trace Impurities - Copper (Cu)<= 50 ppb
Trace Impurities - Gold (Au)<= 200.0 ppb
Heavy Metals (as Pb)<= 100 ppb
Trace Impurities - Iron (Fe)<= 100.0 ppb
Trace Impurities - Lead (Pb)<= 100 ppb
Trace Impurities - Magnesium (Mg)<= 100.0 ppb
Trace Impurities - Manganese (Mn)<= 100.0 ppb
Trace Impurities - Mercury (Hg)<= 5.0 ppb
Trace Impurities - Nickel (Ni)<= 50 ppb
Trace Impurities - Potassium (K)<= 300.0 ppb
Trace Impurities - Tin (Sn)<= 200.0 ppb
Trace Impurities - Titanium (Ti)<= 200.0 ppb
Trace Impurities - Zinc (Zn)<= 200.0 ppb
Meets Reagent Specifications for testing USP/NF monographs


Product Information

CAS Number7697-37-2
HTS Number2808000010
Specific Gravity1L = 1.41 Kg
Management of ChangeNI