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Select Size Product NumberUnits per CasePackage SizeContainer TypePrice per UnitCase Price per UnitMin Order in Units Quantity
7020-011100X 1 CV--InquireInquire1
7020-02150X 1 CV--InquireInquire1
7020-03650X 1 CV--InquireInquire1
7020-06630X 1 CV--InquireInquire1
7020-07630X 1 CV--InquireInquire1
7020-13630 PEBOXInquireInquire1
7020-231400 BO--InquireInquire1
7020-2611 PK--InquireInquire1
7020-2711 PK--InquireInquire1

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* Products noted with an astericks (*) in the "Units Per Case" column are available for sale in case units of measure only.

Additional Information
Product NumberSorbent WtColumn SizeQuantity/BoxComments
7020-01100 mg1 ml100---
7020-02200 mg3 ml50---
7020-03500 mg3 ml50---
7020-06500 mg6 ml30---
7020-071000 mg6 ml30Meets specifications of EPA Method 525.2
7020-13500 mg19 ml WM30Wide-Mouth Column. Meets specifications of EPA Method 525.2
7020-23500 mg3 ml400---
7020-26500 mg6 ml250---
7020-27100 mg6 ml250Jumbo Pack. Meets specifications of EPA Method 525.2

Product Specifications

For Laboratory,Research,or Manufacturing Use
From the silica gel raw material - Average Particle Diameter, µm (APD)47 - 60
Result based on the bulk bonded phase - Desisopropyl Atrazine (10%), mL90 - 150
Result based on the bulk bonded phase - Carbon (C), For Information Only
Surface Coverage - Based on %C320 - 350 µg/m²
Result based on the solid phase extraction columns- Extraction Residue<= 0.20 %


Product Information

CAS Number71889-02-6
HTS Number2811221000