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  • Advanced technologies

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    Avantor offers a portfolio of production-proven materials for manufacturers across a variety of high-technology applications and industries. Our capabilities and materials include customizable chemistry platforms, space-grade silicones and world-class application centers designed to help you meet your process improvement goals faster and enhance product quality.

    Advanced technologies product portfolio

    Avantor offers a broad product portfolio of innovative materials and customizable platform technologies.

    • Space-grade silicones
    • Surface Preparation
    • Photoresist Strippers
    • Residue Removal
    • Material Etching/Cleaning
    • Performance Enhancers
    • Fab Process Chemicals - Acids, bases, solvents
    • Post Etch Removers
    • Aluminum Process Chemicals
    • Advanced Tech Copper
    • Process Chemicals

    Advanced technologies market segments